Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My New Favorite: Sweater

I'm starting a new little series called "My Favorite" and will feature some of my new favorite purchases. To kick things off I'm sharing a cozy sweater/cardigan from one of my loyal favorites, Target! Are you a bargain shopper or do you prefer to select choice "investment" pieces? My friend and I were agreeing today that we need to quit buying so many cheap clothing items and instead invest in high-quality staples, but I keep finding myself going back to my old favorites - Target, Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, etc., for fun finds at cheap prices.

This is called a "cocoon" cardigan and that's the pefect word for it - it's billowy, perfect for lounging around the house with leggings, OR, I even wore it to work this week with a crisp black blouse, fitted skinny black trousers and heels. It's a win win. And the best part? It's under $20. 

Here's Target's picture of it ... (on presumably a 12 year old.  I most definitely will not be wearing a crop top underneath. Am I too old to shop Juniors?!)

And here it is on me ... 

I've been wearing this thing ALL. THE. TIME.  

In fact, here I am wearing it  again last weekend, enjoying some wine on the couch.... 

My husband calls this type of sleeve "bat wings" ... haha. Regardless, whether wings or cocoons, I'm sold. 

Do you have a favorite new sweater purchase recently? I'd love to see!  I'm linking up herehereherehere and here, so check them out too!

PS! If you're a fellow blogger and you love the holidays, check out this post (scroll to the bottom) for details on a fun Christmas Cheer Exchange I'm hosting with two other lovely bloggers, where you get to give and receive a box of Christmas Cheer and then feature what you received on a special link up! Email me with questions or if you want to sign up!!! 

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