Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm Thankful

I'm joining several other bloggers this month by dedicating my Thoughts for Thursday to what I'm thankful for!! 'Tis the season and it's always nice to count my blessings and give thanks with a grateful heart.

+ My family. This is cliche/obvious answer, but I feel so blessed for our sweet little family and our two goofy kids. This year has been a major adjustment to living life as a family of four, but our precious Owen has been such a joy to our family! I'm also so thankful I have a loving husband to experience this all with. It's stressful at times, but we make a good team!

notice what sweater i'm wearing? lol... 

+ Coffee!! I'm sure I could do without, but I'm thankful I'm able to indulge in my favorite morning drink, whether it's a red cup or poured from home. 

+ SLEEP!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of adjusting to having a second child, Owen didn't sleep through the night until he was 8 months old, and while this may be totally normal, Lila slept through the night at about 8 weeks so we were totally spoiled. You will never truly know what sleep deprivation is until you have a newborn. There's seriously no other way to know what it's like to have interrupted sleep EVERY NIGHT for months on end.

I posted this snap on my instagram last night ... tucked in before 9 p.m.! Pure bliss!

+ Childcare. There's nothing more concerning than leaving your little ones in the care of others while at work. There's been tears and more viruses than I care to count, but there's also been a lot of joy - new little friends, birthday parties, Christmas pageants, etc. I feel so thankful for Lila's little preschool at a local church. Seeing how much she loves her teachers and little friends makes it that much easier.

Also, I'm SO thankful that my mom is able to watch Owen at our house!! Lila's at the age where she can tell us if something's wrong, but Owen is still so little I feel SO much better waving goodbye to him in the morning while he's cozy at home with his beloved Nee Nee!! He has so much fun too!

+ Traditions. I love the holiday season and the traditions that go along with it. Now that we have our own little family, I love starting traditions for the kids too. A new one I'm starting this year is to give each of the kids new Christmas PJs and a Christmas book to open on Thanksgiving day! We also always spend "Black Friday" picking out our Christmas tree and decorating the house rather than braving the mall! Christmas so was "magical" last year playing Santa for Lila. Here we are on Christmas Eve last year, days before sweet Owen made his debut!

I'd love to hear more about your family traditions and what you're thankful for this holiday season!


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