Friday, November 7, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Lila: "Mama, I want to tell you a joke. What rhymes with juice?" 
Me: "What?" 
Lila: "TOOT!" (Cue extreme giggles)

Clearly they haven't covered rhyming at her preschool yet, but the hilarity of "bathroom" jokes have definitely set in! Ha!! Nevertheless, that was the sweet, innocent welcome home I needed. I'm back from a whirlwind week that included a work trip, returning to a crazy inbox and a grateful husband that Mama was home. I was able to Skype with the kiddos, but they are still so little that they definitely are out of sorts when Mama's not home. Grant definitely realized how many little things I take care, so that was kind of fun ;) I'm looking forward to a RELAXING weekend of R&R, lots of coffee, cozy mornings and a fun little family birthday party for my Dad on Sunday.

Here are some of my favs for the week!

+ Red Cups. This is SO nerdy and cliche, but I was embarrassingly overjoyed when I arrived at the airport before dawn on Sunday morning, made my way to the Starbucks line (which was super long BTW) and saw the RED CUPS and holiday drink specials were there!! I immediately had to order a peppermint mocha - 'tis the season!

+ Chicago. I posted a little about my work trip this week. I'd never really gotten to explore Chicago before and was sad I didn't have more time there! Such a fun city. However, hands down the best thing about being in a hotel room by myself? I was free to LOUNGE, order indulgent room service and watch whatever TV I wanted. I threw on my robe and ate in bed. It was heaven!

+  Dunkin' Donuts. Speaking of indulgent choices on my trip (umm, clearly I did not have a healthy diet on my mind, geez!) as a Seattle native AND coffee addict/snob, I walked past a Dunkin' Donuts and HAD to stop in. I've heard all East Coasters LOVE Dunkin' Donuts and prefer it over Starbucks or any coffee favorite. I'd love to hear what you East Coasters think!!! I got a pumpkin coffee - and have to admit ... it was DELICIOUS! 

+ These faces. Returning home to these crazy kiddos. I BARELY made it home in time for bedtime yesterday and was so thankful to see their smiling faces before bed! Here we are playing "school" - Lila's the teacher and we are the "bad" students!

+ Rainy Season. It's officially rain season here in Seattle. After the BEST summer ever, the rains have officially set in. And probably won't let up until ... July. Ha. I posted about rainy day fashion earlier this week. Are you team umbrella, or team raincoat?  

+ 10 Months. My sweet Owen is 10 months!!! He's just the sweetest baby and such a joy in our family. He seriously is always smiling! 

PS ... 

As you all know I loooveeee Christmas - the season and everything it stands for. And yes, "Christmas" starts the day after Thanksgiving around here, if not sooner. I'm working on a super fun Christmas project with the lovely Astleigh and Rachel and we want other bloggers to join the fun, so check back Monday for the official details!!! 

Have a great weekend!! I'm linking up hereherehereherehereherehere here, so check them out too! 

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