Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Week!

Let the holiday week begin! Not only is this a short week (I took Wednesday off too!) but we get to celebrate Thanksgiving and get our Christmas tree!! To say I'm excited is an understatement. I'm spending the week prepping my menu, getting the house ready, figuring out my place settings (last minute!) and getting our Christmas decor out of the attic and ready to go. Whew! Where's my cocktail!?

This weekend we had our annual "Friendsgiving" with a group of friends. We all got babysitters and had a lavish Thanksgiving feast! I made a spinach/walnut/cranberry salad and loaded mashed potato casserole. Delish!

Heading out the door all gussied up!

Mashed potatoes in the making ... if you'd never tried making them this way it's a DELICIOUS treat! 

Check out that beautifully carved turkey! Our gracious host not only made turkey but also a prime rib that was SO GOOD! 

Sunday my parents took Lila on a special outing and out to lunch, so after we dropped her off at their house, we put Owen down for a quick nap and Grant and I got to relish a serene moment of P&Q (peace and quiet!). It's kind of nice to have quiet downtime at someone else's house because you don't get caught up in household chores or feeling like you "should" be doing something more productive!

Then we had a quiet afternoon at home. The kids both napped until after 5 p.m.! Never happens, so we started getting our Christmas decs out and I even snapped up a few new items! SO exciting!

Hope you have a great week! 

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