Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was lovely because not only was it sunny and gorgeous here on Saturday, but if you follow my Instagram you'll have seen that I went to a Christmas decor open house (yes!) and purchased some super fun new Christmas decs.

Speaking of Christmas decs, my BFF Tanya and I have made it a tradition to do gingerbread houses every year and this year is no exception! Even though she's living in NYC now and not coming home EARLY this year (sniff sniff, Tanya!), we're still planning to do it! I spotted the kits at Costco this weekend and snapped two up. We buy tons of extra candy to make ours more elaborate than the box, but we aren't quite crazy crafty enough to make our own "house" forms. Someday ...

My Mom also brought over a giant box of my old Barbies for Lila to play with. She was in Barbie heaven all weekend. It's really funny for me to see the "80s" Barbie styles again - frizzy hair, off-shoulder dresses, and what is up with Ken's stylin' kimono top? Lila and even Owen had an absolute blast playing with them all weekend!

Although I think Owen may be a little too young still ... Poor Ken! He's still smiling though! ;)

We also had my parents over last night for my Dad's birthday! Lila put on a little "concert" and a good time was had by all! Owen was hamming it up as usual...

So, onto something I'm really excited about!!! I briefly mentioned on Friday, but I've teamed up with two lovely bloggers to bring you ... the Christmas Cheer Exchange!! 

The lovely Rachel from Floral & Fudge, Astleigh from the Hill Collection and I are looking for other bloggers to join the fun!! Here are the details:

+ Interested bloggers should email Rachel, Astleigh or I by November 21 to sign up.
+ Each blogger will then be assigned another blogger and sent their shipping information
+ You will then create a fabulous box full of Christmas-themed goodies to send your assigned recipient
+ Boxes can include fun items like cookie cutters, Christmas straws, sprinkles, nail polish, cocoa/tea, chocolate, pens, etc. - All should be holiday/wintry themed!
+ Boxes should be no more than $10 and must be shipped by December 1.
+ On December 10, we will host a link up so we can all share the exciting things we received!

I've seen people do this for other holidays, or even random times of year and it's always to see what people give and receive!!

Hope you have a great week!!


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