Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Fun

Hope you had a nice Halloween! We had fun despite the super rainy/windy day we had in our area. We trick-or-treated for about 15 minutes before calling it quits due to the heavy rains! Nevertheless, we still managed to have fun and Lila got enough candy in that short time to have enough sugar for days.

We all decided to dress up this year. As I mentioned before, after abandoning her crocodile costume, Lila was Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story, and Owen was her sidekick, Buzz Lightyear. Grant was Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) and I was Minnie Mouse.

I didn't get any trick or treating pics of Owen, he was tired so he relaxed in the stroller under the rain tarp and enjoyed people watching. We did get to meet "Olaf" though, ha!

We were also able to meet up briefly with Lila's cute cousin, Spiderman!

After we got home and put the kids to bed, Grandma Cici came over so "Marshawn" and I could head over to our friends' house for a low-key bash.

Check out my "festive" bean dip!

Saturday it was pouring again so we hung at home and Lila ate way too much candy. The kids had so much fun together though, playing "store" and pushing each other around the house in the shopping cart! Here's Owen pushing Lila ... 

Unfortunately, I  had a short weekend because bright and early (actually, DARK and early) Sunday morning, I had to head out to the airport. I'm in Chicago this week for a work conference.

The plus side? I was able to get my first "red cup" of the season, and in the true holiday spirit, I had to go for a peppermint mocha!! I'm sliiiightly obsessed with Christmas, so it doesn't feel too early to me!

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