Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Fun

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Good morning, friends! Another Monday here again. We had a nice weekend, but it went too fast as always. 

Here's what we were up to...

First, if you follow my Instagram, you saw my amazing find last week - haha! Of course they make pumpkin chapstick. It's actually quite nice!

Friday night the kids were thrilled when they discovered a Halloween-themed package in the mail for THEM! Thank you Aunt Sharon and Uncle Gary!! Here they are showing off their new books and Owen's modeling his new bib!

 That evening we had friends coming over after the kids went to bed and I whipped up a quick/easy peach cobbler - so delicious!!!

Check out the gigantic pumpkins at the grocery store. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the one on the right said 126 lbs!! I always wonder if they are more for show or if anyone buys them! How do you pick it up to get it in your car!?

Grant was working on some house projects this weekend and the kids were both so cute, wanting to help their Papa! Here's Lila getting a "saw" tutorial - don't worry, it wasn't on when she "helped."

And here's Owen watching Grant from the window. Anytime Grant was in view, Owen was at the window watching and waving. So cute!

We also went to the zoo this weekend. We went an hour before they closed, but since we go all the time it didn't matter to us and it was actually plenty of time. Here's Lila "riding" the Komodo Dragon sculpture.

Owen even gets in on the fun now! Here they are on the wooden toys near the Otters... 

Hi, says Mr. Penguin!

I enjoyed a huge mocha, my new boots and the pretty leaves. 

Sunday we hung at home. Grant finished his projects and the kids and I mostly hung out inside. I was on a huge cooking kick yesterday, and made Italian wedding soup with chicken meatballs, and an italian pasta salad to have for lunches and such for the week. 

Owen continued his quest to climb the stairs at any chance possible. It's his new favorite activity!

And Lila had tons of fun entertaining herself with her imagination! Here she is as a "pirate" looking at me through her "magic scope."

Hope you have a great week!! xoxo

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