Thursday, October 2, 2014

Owen at 9 Months!

Our sweet Owen is 9 months old today! This is one of my most favorite ages for babies. So smiley and fun! It's crazy how much he's changed in just a month! I was re-reading my 8 month update on him and can't believe how many little things have already changed. 

So, here's what's new with Owen this month:

Weight | He goes to the doctor next week for his 9 month check up, but I'm guessing he's over 20 lbs now! Chunker!

Health | GOOD! Finally! Knock on wood! Let's hope he stays healthy now. After having double ear infections for AN ENTIRE MONTH starting in August (took two rounds of antibiotics to kick them!), he's finally feeling better and SLEEPING BETTER, which means Mama is sleeping better and in a much better mood!

Sleep | Let's not get ahead of ourselves, as I don't want to jinx anything, but lately he's been sleeping 12 hours at night! He goes to sleep between 7-7:30 p.m. and wakes up between 7-7:30 a.m. - and DOES NOT WAKE UP IN-BETWEEN. It's amazing.

Naps | In the last week or so he's been really pushing down to one nap. Everything I've read says this age is too young for one nap, but he's been sleeping so much at night maybe that's why. He now takes a nap between 11 a.m. and noon, and sleeps for a couple hours.  

Food | Oh my goodness, he LOVES to eat. He basically eats anything and everything now. And lots of it! He loves feeding himself and doesn't really like being spoon fed anymore (aka, he grabs the spoon and flings whatever is on it off and all over himself. SO, purees are mostly out the window now.

Teeth | I swear his bottom two teeth have been "almost in" for a couple months now, but nothing official yet! 

Interests | He's still interested in anything Lila's doing. He loves to stand now too. He's into everything, crawling all over and watching Lila play. Lila will color or play at her desk and Owen now has to stand there and play too. 

Milestones | "Cruising" (walking) along the furniture, clapping and waving! His wave is a little more of an arm fling or two, but we can tell (haha). If you say "Owen, clap clap!" he will clap! It's so cute. He also figured out how to climb the stairs - eek! We have a baby gate at the bottom that we just kept "shut" but not locked, and he figured out how to open it and start climbing up the stairs! Needless to say, we keep it locked now.

So there you have it! Our sweet Owen!

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