Thursday, October 16, 2014

Memory Books

Before Lila was even born I had a baby book started for her. It had my ultrasound photos, tales of excitement for our first baby, etc. For Owen? I have one, but until yesterday it was barely filled out. 

Poor second child. 

I caught up on both this weekend and had such a great time comparing the kids' sizes at the same age, and looking back at what she was doing at the stage Owen is at now. It's funny how similar they've been! I suppose another reason I started blogging was to keep my "memories" written down so I can look back on them later.

I'm sure it's more for me than them, but when the kids were born my mom even looked through my baby book to compare with Lila and Owen. Plus it's such a great way to capture little stories and moments you'd otherwise not remember.

Do you keep baby books? I'm curious to know what other keepsakes people keep!

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