Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Weekend

We're heading over the mountains this weekend to Eastern Washington, where I will be crossing TWO major items off my fall bucket list - attending wine crush weekend in Lake Chelan wine country AND seeing the fall foliage on the drive over the mountain pass.

We've gone three or four years in a row now. My parents are going too and we rented a big house with a pool and view of the lake. I'm excited for a little R&R, time off work and since I was pregnant for wine crush last year, I'm excited to taste the wines this time! It's supposed to be 80 degrees in Chelan this weekend and Lila is THRILLED with the idea that our house will have a pool! It'll be nice to have one final "summer" hurrah.

Here's what I've enjoyed this week!

1. Anticipating Vacation. Packing galore! And it's only for three nights. How is it that each kid needs more stuff than Grant and I combined?!

2. Homemade Salad Dressing. I love salads and have recently started making my own dressings. This week, I posted a delicious recipe for homemade blue cheese salad dressing. It paired perfectly with our grilled steak! 

3. Starbucks Pumpkin Scones. Hopefully you're not sick of pumpkin yet! A colleague was discussing how AMAZING the pumpkin scones are at Starbucks, so in a weak moment I had to get one. They taste more like cake than a scone to me, but I don't judge ;) 

4. A Tooth! I posted Owen's 9 month update yesterday, and I already need to update the part about him not having any teeth yet, because one of his little bottom teeth finally poked through! We had to do a little photoshoot to celebrate. I couldn't get a pic of his little tooth, but my crazy smile trying to make him laugh should be entertaining enough ;)

5. Chloe + Isabel. I went to a jewelry party last night hosted by a couple girlfriends. Have you heard of Chloe + Isabel? I hadn't, but it's similar to Stella and Dot. I got a pair of earrings and a necklace, and it was fun to "shop" with a glass of champagne! (Can you tell I don't get out much?)

That's all for now! Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back next week with tales of my mini-vacation!

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