Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Costumes

25 Vintage Halloween Pin-Up Photos from Odd to Awesome

Do you have your Halloween costume picked out yet? (Do you even dress up?). I have honestly never really "liked" Halloween as an adult until I had kids. Now, I'm excited to dress up right along with the kids and we've had our outfits picked out for weeks. Although - there have been a few last minute switch-ups of course! Our dear sweet toddler, who SWORE she wanted to be a crocodile (haha) and has already been wearing her costume around the house, informed me last night she HAD to be Jessie from Toy Story. Then I realized Owen's Tigger onesie didn't really fit anymore. So, I ordered a few things so Lila could be Jessie and Owen could be Buzz Lightyear (haha!). I figure, the great thing about kid costumes is that since they love to dress up anyway, they are definitely more than a one-time use kind of thing.

Here's our sweet girl in 2011 as a Chicken ... (when you're 5 months old, Trick or Treating is going over to your grandparents house, and instead of candy you get teething toys!) 

And in 2012 as Raggedy Ann ... I seriously loved this costume and she shockingly left the wig/hat on most of the day!

And last year as Cookie Monster ...

And here's a little sneak peek at my Minnie Mouse costume! I got the little apron and ears on Etsy and can't decide if I'll wear a black skirt of black pants, but either way it was quick and easy. I'm sure it'll be fun dress up fodder for Lila too ...

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