Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chelan Weekend

We're back from a glorious long weekend in Eastern Washington. We laughed. We ate. We played. We swam. We had delicious wine. We loved the pool. We saw a mouse in the kitchen. It was a FABULOUS weekend. Wait... what?! (Yes, despite renting a cute house with pool and lake view, my mom spotted a mouse running across the kitchen counter one evening - and as if that didn't gross us out enough, we discovered the can of baby formula we left out on the counter overnight had been chewed through - YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!).

However, despite the mouse trying to join in our fun, we had a great time! First, the house we rented was so cute. It was in the nearby town of Manson, which conveniently has lots of wineries and a gorgeous view of the lake. Our house even had a cute little secret garden.

 The pool was definitely Lila's favorite part. She wanted to stay in the pool all day long. Owen "liked" it too (in small doses). Here he is in Lila's old Cars floaty.

 But let's be honest. I think Grant had more fun in the pool than anyone.

 I even got in on the floaty fun!

Lila and her Nee Nee.

Scrabble during naptime.

Halloween-themed chocolate chip cookies.

 When we weren't playing at the house, we were at the wineries. They are all so different and beautiful, but my favorite are the ones with the amazing views! We definitely were "those people" who brought their kids wine tasting, but they were all surprisingly kid-friendly.

 It was a gorgeous weekend, full of sunshine and family fun! We'll be back next year!!

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