Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap: Papa's Home!

I mentioned on Friday that Grant was going on a guys camping weekend. Well, I survived my single parenting duties, and ... actually had a lot of fun! My sanity wasn't lost and neither was my patience. I may have resorted to a few bribery tactics, as well as a trip to the toy store, but all in all, the kids were great and we had a lot of fun. Although, I will admit that I  did breathe a sigh of relief when Papa rolled in on Sunday afternoon.  And I'm pretty mentally exhausted.

On Friday night we relaxed at home. Normally Grant reads to Lila while I put Owen to sleep, but since he was gone I read to Lila, said goodnight and then put Owen to bed. I will totally admit as soon as I saw he was asleep on the monitor, I tidied up and headed to bed too! (And yes, it was about 8:30 ... !!)

On Saturday morning, Aunt Vicki and Uncle Karl stopped by with reinforcements - in the way of scones from the Washington State Fair. They are the traditional "must have" treat from the fair and we gobbled them right up. We did manage to save Grant's so he could have one when he got home ...

After they left it was naptime, followed by a trip to the store. I told Lila we could stop by the toy store after and she could pick out a toy under $10. Look what she chose! I think it's because we've been watching a lot of Toy Story!

Lila loves this cute little toy store in our town because of the train table in the back. Owen even got in on the fun this time!

Speaking of Owen, he's totally in mischief mode lately! Now that he can crawl and stand, he's into everything BUT playing with his own toys. 

Here I found him raiding the wine rack ... 

Followed by a peek-a-boo from under Lila's desk...

Later I heard him giggling and see him peeking over our coffee table! Oh boy ... 

While we were at the store I picked up my OWN treat and this was my view on Saturday night ... chocolate mocha cake and s'mores ice cream - YUM! I also caught up on Californication on Netflix and stayed up a bit later (yeah ... 9 p.m. haha!)

Sunday we played around the house in the morning and went to the park before naptime. 

In the afternoon we watched the Seahawks play! Check out the cute sugar cookies I found at the local market. I couldn't resist. 

All in all it was a nice weekend. Owen slept through the night both nights (yay!) and Lila was a very helpful big sister. 

Hope you had a great weekend too! I'm linking up today herehereherehereherehere, here and here so check them out too!!

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