Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Fun

Scenic walk

Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. We mostly hung around the house, hit the park and ran errands, but it was nice to get a little R&R at home. We also cooked up a storm and ate our fair share of indulgent homemade dishes! I love fall cooking - so hearty and delicious!

Saturday morning started with pumpkin pancakes, bacon and fruit. YUM. Owen got his first taste of pancakes, and let's just say he was a fan. He ate all of his serving, plus most of Lila's!

Then, during Owen's naptime Lila and I took a "girl's trip" to Target for a little shopping. I went there to get a new rug for our kitchen, but wouldn't you know I also ended up getting a bunch of other stuff. New socks for both kids, hats/mittens for both kids, a coat for Owen, and a I was again tempted by the $1 bin. 

Here's Lila showing off her new hat ... 

OK, let's discuss the front $1 section at Target. This thing gets me EVERY time. Am I the only one? Here's a sampling of what I picked out this time. This doesn't include two coloring pads for Lila. A seasonal wreath, two rolls of wrapping paper, two "to-do" lists and two pairs of socks.

Lila also picked out a new Cat in the Hat watercolor book ...

 Then of course we had to hit the Starbucks line for my first Chai of the season.

Saturday night I made Lila some pesto ravioli for dinner. Grant and I had the intention of eating dinner after the kids went to bed, and he was so tempted by her pasta, he decided to make us a pasta dish too. I can't complain when the husband wants to do the cooking! He made a delicious shitaki mushroom pasta, and I made some homemade garlic bread. Carbo-loading at its finest! We also opened a nice bottle of wine some friends had given us for our anniversary. Delish! We ate dinner on the couch and watched a semi-weird movie off Amazon Prime called "Shrink" - it was listed as a comedy but wasn't funny, more indie. But interesting I guess!

Sunday morning, Lila joined me in the bathroom while I was getting ready and decided she wanted her hair in a "bun" like mine (her hair is still so thin/baby fine that she had basically a looped ponytail!). Here we are showing off our 'do's!

Then we enjoyed another delicious breakfast of a strata (which Grant "baked" on the BBQ!), some of my almond poppyseed bread, taken from the freezer the night before, and fruit.

We then hit the park followed by naptime and a quiet afternoon.

Hope you had a great weekend too! I'm linking up today herehereherehereherehere, here and here so check them out too!!

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