Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Weekend

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Woo hoo! Another weekend begins! I don't know about you, but even though it's a work day, Friday is still one of my most favorite days because you have the anticipation of a whoooole weekend ahead. Yes! Cheerleader kick! 

We had another fun week and the weekend is supposed to be 80+ again! Summer is seriously hanging on, which is so nice for fun weekends in the backyard. 

Here are my weekly favs:

1. Pfthhhhhhh! Baby selfies are the best. Here are Owen and I making his favorite noise. So sweet! 

2. Popsicles. Nothing's better on a hot summer day than a delicious Barbie popsicle with bubble gum eyes, right? Lila's face lit right up when she saw this at the concession stand (you may remember her previous encounter with Barbie!). PS - don't you just love her strawberry sunnies? They are from the $1 bin at Target!

3. Speaking of Target ... THIS made me laugh.

and of course, so did this ... 

#seriously #sotrue #target

4. Chicken Spaghetti. Did you see my chicken spaghetti recipe this week? It's from the Pioneer Woman and various versions of it have been featured all over Pinterest and other blogs. My version is a tad different from hers, but either way you go, it's easy, delicious and great for freezing. 

5. Accessorizing! I haven't been able to bring myself to have Lila's ears pierced and probably won't for awhile, but she was so excited to pick out these sticker earrings at the store yesterday! She's so sweet and getting more and more girly (notice the  necklace too)! When is the normal age to get ears pierced these days, anyway? 

PS - OMG did you see this recipe from Shutterbean

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