Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cooling Down

Summer weather is still in full swing here, but it's been a bit cooler in the mornings and I've found myself trying to sneak in some fall wardrobe pieces without getting too hot (wearing my new boots was a bad idea!). What have you been wearing?

As always Pinterest has a lot of fun ideas ... these caught my eye.


I like this one for casual weekend wear. Distressed jeans (I don't know that I'd wear jeans quite as distressed as the ones below, but you get the picture), striped T, lightweight jacket, booties and cozy scarf. You could ditch the scarf and jacket if needed.

This is something I would definitely wear. This would also be cute with jean shorts. And I love the red flats!

This is a cute way to layer and add in different prints. I love the little necklace too.

For Work

Can you get away with wearing plaid to the office? I think this is a cute color-combo, and a fun transition outfit. This could also be easily dressed up or down too.

This is cute too. I like the black/brown combo.

And just for fun ...

How cute is this little outfit!? Unfortunately if I had Lila in this, the hat would be ripped off after about 5 minutes, and the jacket would come home with grass stains and a heaping spoonful of whatever she ate for lunch ... but cute in theory, right?

What are your favorites? I'm linking up here, here and here, so check them out too!

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