Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cool Mom

I was driving Lila home from school this week when I asked what she shared during "show and tell." She said she told the kids all about her best friend.

"Did you tell the kids about ME?" I asked jokingly. "No, mama, that'd be embawassing" she replied.

She's only three and apparently I'm already embarrassing. But wait, I thought I was a "cool mom!"

For me, I think it's less about being "cool" and more about not feeling old. Now that I'm, um, 30+, looking "young" yet age-appropriate seems more important than ever.

Here are some "cool mom" looks I'm inspired by:

 images l-r | here, here, here

images clockwise | here, here, here, here, here

Are you a "cool mom?" What keeps you feeling young? 

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