Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Day in the Life

Good morning and happy Thursday! I woke up yesterday feeling a bit like the girl below. We've all been fighting cold/coughs and even though Owen has been mostly sleeping through the night now (#thankgoodness), I wasn't quite ready to drag myself out of bed. Nevertheless, here I am.

Here's what a normal weekday is like for this mama of two. 

I wake up around 6:30 a.m. Then I hit snooze once twice. I hit the shower. Usually when I am just about to get out, the door flings open. 

Lila's up! 

"Good morning, Mama! Do you like my tutu?" 

Tutu is what she calls dresses - she insists on wearing dresses everyday now. 

"I love your tutu, Lila!" 

I get out of the shower and start getting ready, all while she sings, tells me about her new best friend at school, and attempts to try on every stick of makeup laying on the counter. She dabs on some lip gloss and smears under eye concealer all over her nose. I of course tell her she's too pretty for makeup but she thinks it's fun. Sometimes she heads back to our bed to watch videos on Papa's phone. 

Somewhere around this time, Owen is usually chatting away in his crib. Lila races in to "wake up Owen." "GOOD MORNING OWEN!" We hear on the monitor. When we open the door to his room in the mornings, he is always standing in his crib smiling. It's just too cute. 

When we're all ready, we head downstairs. 

Lila has the same routine every morning. She sits in the same spot on our couch and has a breakfast bar and some milk. They eat shortly after she gets to school, so she usually doesn't eat a huge breakfast. Then we watch cartoons of some sort and I feed Owen his bottle. 

Around 8 a.m., Nee Nee comes over to watch Owen for the day and Lila and I get ready to head out the door.  Normally a fight ensues about her not wanting her hair brushed. Then, because I'm sure this is what every kid does, she heads to the door and does a headstand against the wall (#totallynormal). After we all ooh and ahh about how amazing her headstand is, we head to the car. Grant is sometimes already gone by this point, or sometimes still home.

Lila and I head out and I make the 10 minute drive to drop her off at school. Normally drop off is very simple and she's usually excited to see her teachers and friends. Plus, this school year her new classroom name is "Under the Sea," so to her, she's in the Little Mermaid Room, which is the coolest. 

After that I head to work. Some days, like yesterday, I  hit the Starbucks drive-thru. I will admit it's pretty nice there's one right next door to her school. Today was a Venti kind of day. (#hazelnutlatte)

I work a full day, in and out of meetings, busy busy. 

I do have cute notepads though!

Then I'm out the door, off to pick up Lila. I hear all about her day and she's normally so excited to see me. It's so cute and I am sure this phase will end soon but it warms my heart so much to see her wave and come running when she sees me! She tells me who her best friend was that day, what she had for lunch, what crafts they did, who bit her (what?), etc. It makes me feel slightly better about not being home all day knowing how much fun she has. 

Then we head home. Owen is usually just getting up from his afternoon nap. He's always SO smiley to see us. He could stare at Lila all day. 

Then, Nee Nee heads out and we play a bit while I get dinner ready. Sometimes depending on when Grant can get home, the kids eat dinner together and Grant and I eat after they go to bed. Owen is eating SO much now, I swear he ate more solid food than Lila last night for dinner. 

Since it's been such a nice summer, we've been playing outside after dinner. We play the car game or chase in the yard while we wait for Papa to get home from work. We always get the mail too (funny how getting the mail can be such an "event!"). Around 7, we all head upstairs for bathtime. Lila and I lay out her clothes for the next day ("I ONLY wear tutus, Mama!"). 

Then Grant gives both of the kids a bath while I straighten up the living room and get Owen's bottle ready. Grant then reads to Lila while I give Owen his bottle and say goodnight. On this night, Lila insisted they both sit in Owen's old baby bathtub. With all the toys (#crowded).

After bedtime, we either have dinner if we haven't or relax (collapse) on the couch. Spoiler alert! I love Jeopardy!

Then it's off to bed and it restarts all over again the next day. 


What's your family routine like? I'm a very routine driven person and have done the same with our kids' schedules, but I know that doesn't work for everyone (including my husband, ha!!)

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