Friday, August 15, 2014

Whirlwind Week!

Phheeew! I made it. After the wedding festivities last weekend and Owen being sick, we were all catching up on sleep this week. I was also super busy at work and the week flew by! I'm so excited for the weekend ...

Here were my top five favorites of the week!

1. Celebrating Six Years! Saturday is our 6th wedding anniversary (happy anniversary, honey!) I blogged a few pics as I reminisced yesterday, if you missed that post you can find it here. We thought about what we wanted to do, and when grandma offered to babysit, we considered just going out to a nice dinner but ultimately decided to take advantage of the nice summer weather and have a picnic at the lake! Hopefully it's warm enough to take a dip too! 

2. Chocolate Mini Biscotti with Hazelnut Glaze. Need the perfect pairing to your morning coffee this weekend? I blogged about these delicious chocolate mini biscottis earlier this week - they are SO delicious and easy and you could really do so many different flavor combos by swapping out an ingredient or two. Give them a try! 

3. Ice Cream Dates. Now that we have two kids I don't get very much alone time with Lila. The other day after pre-school, Grant was already home from work with Owen so I surprised Lila with an impromptu ice cream date at Cold Stone. She was THRILLED! We chose a sundae of birthday cake ice cream, brownie, hot fudge and sprinkles, all topped with a heaping spoonful of gummybears! It's so nice to spend some time with just us girls and make her feel special. 

4. Fall Clothes are Here! I love fall and fall outfits are probably my favorite. I love cozy sweaters with boots, cute jackets and scarves! Although I LOVE warm summer weather, I am anxiously anticipating fall and couldn't help but pick up a few fun "transition" pieces recently. This dress is from Old Navy and is a great transition piece because it's sleeveless for the remaining hot summer days, but is a pretty heather grey, and is made out of a super comfortable sweatshirt material (I'm wearing it below with TOMS wedges). As fall rolls in, I think this will look so cute with colored tights, booties and a jacket!

5. Baby Snuggles. Really no caption needed here. When the kids wake up in the morning they often make their way into our bed to "play" while we get ready for work/try to get a few final winks ;) They are so sweet together!

Bonus! Lila's favorite thing about summer? Popsicles!!!! Green tongue and all (I let Lila pick out the ones she wanted ... yeah ... these are definitely not the organic real fruit popsicles ... oh well). 

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Have a great weekend!


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