Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another great summer weekend in the books! It started a little rough ... my back was really stiff on Friday and by Saturday morning I could barely walk upright - eek! Some ibuprofen seemed to make it better, but yikes, I was walking like a  hunched over granny without it! Hopefully that won't happen anytime soon.

On Friday after work, we played outside waiting for Papa to get home from work and did some sidewalk chalking!

Then we checked out the neighborhood blackberry crop - not quite 100% ready yet, but we still managed to pick (and eat) a bowl. 

And then I baked biscotti ... YUM. Mini chocolate biscotti with hazelnut glaze. Recipe soon! I will admit I didn't even wait for my Saturday morning coffee to devour a couple pieces!

Saturday we headed to Vicki's house to check out the annual Seafair festivities at the lake. It was much busier this year on Saturday! Since Sunday is the main event, we figured we'd skip most of the crowds by going on Saturday but we were wrong. Maybe because the Blue Angels were back this year? It was a gorgeous hot summer day!

Watermelon popsicle! Yum!

Snuggles from Aunt Vicki!

Lila was THRILLED with this Barbie popsicle. It was semi-creepy though with the candy blue eyes!

Posing with our frozen treats. I had to get one too - firecracker bomb pop for me!

Two exhausted babies on the ride home!

Sunday we hung out in our yard. It was a hot, gorgeous summer day! We played outside all day long. Grant event set up the tent for Lila to play in! So much fun!

I'm looking forward to a short week and then wedding festivities for Vicki and Karl begin!

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