Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

loving this sweet bouquet

I saw this on It's a Girl's World and thought it was a fun idea, so I'm linking up here and here today with my "Thoughts for Thursday."

I'm currently ...

Thinking | ... about what to do next. I'm feeling in limbo about a lot of things and need to make some decisions!! 
Drinking | ... I can't get enough coffee with hazelnut creamer. My favorite! 
Dreaming | ... about our next vacation. Two babies has meant our vacations are few and far between! 
Loving | ... my sweet family. We've had so much fun this summer and as Owen keeps getting more and more fun we've just been enjoying all of our special time together :)
Reading | ... "All Fall Down" by Jennifer Weiner (see my earlier post about favorite reads lately!)
Wanting | ... new floors in our house. We've been wanting hardwoods forever but the price tag has been a bit high for our budget lately. Our carpet is SO beyond the point of needing to be replaced though ... I keep looking up cute rugs online in anticipation :) 
Anticipating | ... Fall! I am truly a summer girl, but there's just something about the transition from summer to fall that I love ... the changing leaves ... pumpkin everything (can't wait to try these cookies) and really the anticipation of the holiday season. The fact that my birthday is in October doesn't hurt either!
Eating | ... I've been trying lots of new recipes lately, but Mexican food is my ultimate favorite. I could eat it everyday. 
Trying | ... to be more patient. Sometimes after a long day at work and minimal sleep the night before, I am not the most patient ... 
Needing | ... sleep. Owen, are you listening? ;) 
Pinning | ... Christmas everything!!! (You can see the start of my board here) I will admit it's a tad early, but I'm already so excited for the holidays this year! It'll be Owen's first Christmas and Lila really "got it" last year, so we're excited!
Wearing | ... I've been wearing my TOMS wedges almost everyday. To work, to weddings, on the weekends, etc. They are so comfortable and can go dressy/casual. I have them in two colors (black and blue/white stripe) and have my eye on many more! 
Hoping | ... 
Appreciating | ... quiet time. I realized the other day that I am never home alone anymore! Even five minutes of quiet time is so appreciated. 
Watching | ... we just wrapped watching Orange is the New Black Season 2 on Netflix, and just started House of Cards. We've only seen one episode so far, but are definitely intrigued! 
Doing | ... lots of cleaning out of the kids' dressers. It's crazy how quickly they outgrow clothing!!! 
Thanking | .... god for our health!!! I'm really dreading cold/flu season now that Lila's in school and Owen seems to pick up even the tiniest sniffle she brings home ... Finger's crossed for continued health this year!!! 

Your turn!


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