Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday, Monday

my happy place!

It's Monday. I feel like the weekend could always use at least one more day. We enjoyed the sunshine and spend much of the weekend outside! Here's a quick recap ...

Friday night we picked fresh blackberries in our neighborhood and had friends over for games. I made a super easy cobbler with the berries - recipe coming soon! We stayed up WAYYY past my bedtime (which is normally ... before 10 pm!) so Saturday morning I was one tired Mama.


Saturday was our wedding anniversary! We spent the day around the house and then Grandma Cici came over to babysit while we went to Lake Washington and floated in the sunshine! It was SUCH a beautiful, carefree day on the lake. The kids would have had a blast too, but it was nice to relax at the lake without worrying about someone eating sand or taking off their lifejacket. It was also nice to do something simple that we used to do a lot before having kids. Much more fun than a regular dinner out!

Sunday we spent the morning at the Woodland Park Zoo. It was packed, which I'm not the biggest fan of, but we had a fun time and saw the new baby giraffe. So cute. And Lila was thrilled to get a Ninja Turtle popsicle.

peek-a-boo from the worm house!

tired boy!

look mama! I ate his eyes!

I'm relishing summer while it lasts!!! Fall will be here before you know it.


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