Thursday, August 28, 2014

Me, Myself & I

+ i'm a typical Libra - pretty even-keel, laid back for the most part, and easy to please. One of the things Grant and I have in common is our personality - with a love of 'nonsense' and humor. 

+ i love sunshine. Tropical vacations are my favorite. There's nothing better for me than a warm summer night or eating breakfast outdoors in the morning sun. 

+ both of our kids have short four-letter names with no obvious nicknames. Although some interesting nicknames have already emerged for both!

+ coffee is my favorite. I joke that I drink cream with a little coffee, but waking up to a warm coffee with hazelnut creamer is my new favorite. During the holidays, I love a good peppermint mocha - whipped cream and all!

+ i love the peaceful quiet crackling of the ocean when you snorkel. There's nothing more relaxing for me than swimming in crystal clear water, with beautiful sea life in view and the warm sun on my back. 

+ i have a weakness for trashy magazines and reality TV ... although since having baby #2 we got rid of cable and are purely a Netflix family. It's "nice" to be too busy to watch TV regularly, although I do admit I miss the nights where I could sit in peace with a DVR full of Bravo TV's finest ... 

+ i sleep with earplugs every night (thanks husband!)

+ for some reason, sandwiches always taste better to me when someone else makes them. Especially my Mom.

+ i'd prefer to wear leggings, slipper boots and a comfy shirt all day 

+ i love to cook and entertain. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorites! 

+ i'm a "must get your Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving" kind of girl ... my loving husband has thankfully gone with it without issue! 

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