Friday, August 1, 2014

Summertime, Summertime!

How is it August already!? Another busy week come and gone! We had a great week filled with activities and gorgeous sunshine. Can't wait for the weekend - after how busy we were last weekend, I'm looking forward to a more low-key version with lots of time spent outdoors and at the lake. It's also Seafair weekend in Seattle - a big deal in the Goodall household.

Here are my top highlights for the week!

1. Wedding Countdown! My beautiful sister in law is getting married next weekend! The countdown is officially on! Here we all are at her bridal shower. We are so excited to celebrate her special day!!

2. New Work Pants! I normally would never think to buy work pants at Target, but after seeing them on a fashion blog over and over, I had to give the Modern Fit Ankle Pant a try! They are actually really comfortable, affordable and look professional! Thank you Target! (P.S. - don't mind the fact that the pants look like leggings in my pic!).

3. Friday Night Lights I love love loved this show! So relatable even though I'm far from being in high school or a Texas football-crazed town. When this article - 63 "Friday Night Lights" Facts Every Panthers Or Lions Fan Needs To Know - made the rounds on social media this week, I was all about it - I love the details on the audition tapes and secrets about the cast! If you're a fan of the show, this is a must-read. Texas Forever!

4. Crockpots! Did you see my recipe for crockpot lasagna? It's a must-make, especially as we head into Fall! It's oozing with cheesy goodness! Check it out here.

5. Christmas in July! Ok, I admit I'm obsessed with Christmas. I may have created a new Christmas board on Pinterest this week.

How cute is this appetizer?

And I definitely need this shirt, which pays homage to one of my Christmas favorites, Home Alone! Maybe for our annual Ugly Sweater Party, even though it's not ugly or a sweater ...

Or this festive Christmas sangria looks delicious!! Definitely want to try this as our "signature drink" this year!

I only have a handful of pins on it so far, but check out my Christmas board to see what I'm into this year ... never too early to start gathering ideas!

PS - Bonus Favorite! Hi from Owen! He'll be 7 months on Saturday! 

Have a great weekend!


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