Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites!

I'm soooo ready for the weekend ... mainly because Vicki and Karl are getting married!!! The day has come!!

Also, sweet Owen has double ear infections. Poor baby. What we thought was teething was getting worse and worse, and finally we realized it probably wasn't teething. Now he's on the mend, but definitely ready for this week to be o-v-e-r!

Here are some of my favorites from the week!

1. Trix Rice Krispie Treats. OH my goodness. Look how CUTE and delicious do these look? I found them on Pinterest ... trix cereal rice krispies!!! Lila would love these!

2. Do you have a Glassybaby? They were founded right here in Seattle and donate tons and tons of proceeds to various charities around the U.S. My Mom and I are semi-obsessed. They are hand blown glass candle holders. They come in tons of colors and look gorgeous around the house. I love collecting various color combinations and love that they support great causes. They also make the perfect gift (wink wink). Shown below are (l to r) Cabo, Bambi and Little Boy Blue. 

3. Jambalaya. Did you see my recipe for one-pot jambalaya this week? YUM! This is easy, delicious and has lots of flavor. Toddler friendly too!

4. Eye Magic! I'm not big into beauty products, but this Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller
 is FABULOUS! After having Owen, a gal in my mom group recommended this to all of the moms who were feeling (and probably looking) like zombies due to lack of sleep. It has caffeine in it and is light and cool with a subtle tinted concealer (you can also buy it without the concealer). It feels great and I actually feel like I look more refreshed when I wear it. And the roller lasts forever! I use it everyday now and am still on the same roller several months later. 

5. The Little Things. It's so sweet that kids can find such joy in the simple things. Like a box. Saturday morning, a box of shoes I'd ordered was delivered. And who knew the box they came in would provide hours of entertainment for both kids! Lila even lay in it with her blanket to rest! We buy so many toys and things to play with, but sometimes the simplest things are the most fun! (PS - don't mind that Owen is wearing one of Lila's bibs ... or that it's falling off ... or that Lila is tangled in a slinky!)

Bonus! Blueberry Bread Pudding. Need a delicious and EASY brunch recipe this weekend? Try this fabulous blueberry bread pudding made from blueberry muffins! You can make your own or buy them. So delicious for an indulgent treat!

Have a great weekend!

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