Monday, August 11, 2014

A Wonderful Wedding

our sweet family! kids' outfits | my dress from anthropologie, worn to 400 other weddings this year too ;)

We're back from a whirlwind weekend. Vicki and Karl are married!! It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for them. 

Here's an image recap from the weekend. 

The wedding was held at Frog Creek Lodge. They weren't kidding about the name! There were frogs - real and fake - everywhere. There was a nice little trail around the property too.

Setting up! DIY wedding at its finest. They named all the tables after ski runs at Crystal Mountain, where they met on a chair lift - such a cute idea!

Time for a quick hot tub before the rehearsal dinner! 

Our sweet girl.

Mama, Papa and Owen at the rehearsal dinner.

Owen kept giggling during people's speeches. So cute.  

Delicious half-devoured platter of meat, cheese and olives, made by Karl's sister.

Getting ready. The beautiful bride!!!!! 

Here comes the bride! I couldn't get a picture of Lila as the flower girl because she got two steps down the aisle, screamed "MAMA!" and I had to walk her the rest of the way. Here she is "greeting" Vicki!

A gorgeous ceremony. Yes, that is Grant co-officiating with Karl's sister Molly!

With the gorgeous bride. I'm so lucky Grant has such a lovely sister!

Wedding photos of parents, grandparents, and somehow Grant and I made the cut too!  (Lower right!)

Gorgeous evening for an outdoor wedding! 

Lila and Vicki got a special dance on the dance floor too!

Lila found a wedding date :)

Owen was still napping during the ceremony so we let him sleep. He was all smiles at the reception in his cute bow tie!

Lila danced her little heart out. Owen even got a dance in too!

 *Not pictured: the horrible overtired meltdowns that ensued not long after this picture was taken. Staying up late = bad news for these kids! Mama spent the whole second half of the reception inside trying to calm two overtired kids down and put them to bed, so no photos of the rest!

We are so happy for Vicki and Karl and can't wait to see the adventures life takes them on next!!


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