Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Wear

We are so excited for Vicki and Karl's wedding next month! Lila is the flower girl - she's wearing the cutest dress Vicki picked out from H&M and is so excited. Hopefully she makes it down the aisle!

This week I just got the cutest outfit for Owen!! I found it on Etsy - there were SO many cute options for baby "formal" wear, but this one was my favorite. It's a white onesie with a grey vest sewn in and a red and white polka dot bow tie! I wanted Owen to look dressed up, but also be comfortable. I also didn't want to pay a fortune! It came in the mail this week. Is this not the cutest? I'm also wearing an orange-ish/red dress so I figured we'd match.

To go with it, I found some "hipster" grey trousers at H&M for $9 bucks! They aren't online, but look similar to these.

Now I just need to find a cute bow and sandals for Lila and maybe some little shoes (or socks that look like shoes) for Owen!

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