Friday, July 25, 2014


Phew! Another crazy week in the books. This week has been ... weird ... on all fronts. First, poor Owen had two really bad nights - bad as in screaming, crying, not sleeping, hard to settle back down. Poor baby. I think he's teething, but nothing has broken through yet so it's hard to know. Which means this working mama is tiiiiiiiiired! Second, it POURED for two days this week. It felt eerily like fall! But, the weather is supposed to be back in the 85s this weekend, so at least it was a short stint. I'm not ready to give up on summer quite yet!

Here are my top 5 "Friday Favorites" from this week:

1. Puffs! Despite his moodiness, Owen discovered finger food this week! It's so cute watching him work so hard on picking them up and putting them in his mouth. It took him about 30 minutes to eat 3 puffs, but he was determined. He still doesn't really understand the whole "chewing" aspect of eating, but I think he'll figure it out soon!

2. Sweet Potato Fries with Cool Lime Dipping Sauce. Yesterday I posted this recipe. YUM! It's super easy and is the perfect side dish for whatever you're grilling for dinner - delish! 

3. Lila is a Frozen addict. Here she is mid-verse in "Do you wanna build a snooowmaaaannnnn?" And I will admit, I'm almost as addicted as she is. We have quite the duets while the movie is playing (over and over all day long). I totally know all the words too ... hehe!

4. Simple Start. This is my new favorite weekday breakfast - bran cereal, bananas and coffee with hazelnut creamer.

5. Gas or Grass? Lila's been trying to understand what we're doing when we stop at the gas station. Let's be honest - I'm not the best person to explain how gasoline fuels cars, but I tried to explain in the simplest way possible that cars need gas in order to work. Apparently, she took note, because when we were playing in the backyard this week she strolled her car over and said "Look, Mama! I filled my car with grass so it can work now." 

I'm not sure if she thinks gas and grass are the same, or if she's just extra eco-friendly, but it was cute none-the-less!

Bonus favorite! I made a delicious crockpot lasagna on Sunday! I usually equate crockpot to super simple, so even though this took a bit more prep time than I was thinking, the results were fabulous. Everyone gobbled it right up. Recipe to follow! Here's a sneak peek at the simmering sauce ... mmmmmm!

Have a great weekend!! We're going to a wedding (#3 this summer!) on Saturday, doing a run/walk on Sunday morning, and having Tanya and John over on Sunday night! Busy weekend!

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