Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guilty Goodies!!

There are so many delicious desserts I've been pinning on Pinterest lately! With all the events we've gone to and/or hosted this summer, it seems like I've made a sweet or two each weekend ... although the problem with that is ... I've been eating all of them! Eek!

Here are a few of the new desserts I've been lusting after ... these are next on my list!

These look so moist, gooey and delicious! 

Fudgy brownies with chocolate cream cheese frosting

Yummm ... this would be an elegant dessert for a dinner party, and the hot chocolate flavor is a fun twist on the classic version. 

Hot Chocolate Tiramisu

These are so dainty and elegant! They'd be great with coffee or tea, and perfect for a Christmas cookie exchange!

Raspberry almond shortbread cookies

The fact that these are made from cake mix caught my attention! I have never made my own biscotti, so I think this recipe is the perfect place to start!

Cake Box Biscotti

These look like a simple and perfect summer dessert! Something about the lime zest on top makes them look so sophisticated ... yum!

Now the question is which one to make first!!!


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