Monday, July 28, 2014

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts (Can't Lose!)

This weekend was full of love. We started with a wedding, and ended with a walk in memory of my dear Aunt Lisa. We also spent a nice Sunday evening dinner outside with Tanya and John (and Lila was in full show-off mode, as usual!) All in all, a busy weekend, but a nice reminder that I'm so thankful for all that I have! 

Friday night we spent walking our neighborhood and took a couple detours to play. So much fun with our sweet girl! And, our beautiful weather was back!

I'm also really glad I chopped my hair just in time for summer! After having long hair for so long, I'm loving this "long bob" in the warm weather! I think it's around to stay ... 

Saturday we went to a day wedding for my friend and old boss, Nikolett and her new husband Dan! It was at the top of the Columbia Tower in Seattle.

Here I am all dressed up with SOMEWHERE to go! (With two kids it's a miracle when I get dressed up!)

Grant and I after the ceremony

Here I am with the bride!

We had to take a selfie on our way up  to the 75th floor!

This is a picture I took from my bathroom stall. Yes - my individual STALL had it's own window with this view. Incredible!!!

Such a beautiful view of Seattle! What a gorgeous city. You can see the Space Needle too if you look closely!

Sunday we were back downtown for our third time participating in Swedish Hospital's Marsha Rivkin SummeRun for ovarian cancer. My special Aunt Lisa passed away two years ago and so we walk in her memory to raise awareness and money.

Lila stayed back with Papa Puppy and got her face painted!

After the run, Tanya and John came over for dinner but in our haste I forgot to take any pictures! After such a jam packed weekend, I am hoping the week goes by quickly!!


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