Monday, July 21, 2014

... And the Skies are Grey

Happy Monday!

Even though summer is still in full swing, we had grey skies and "threats" of rain this weekend. So despite the warm temperatures, it felt oddly like fall!

So much so, that I made pumpkin bread and crock pot lasagna! Even though I LOVE fall, I'm definitely not ready to let go of summer yet.

Friday after work, I started the weekend right with little hair cut! After having SUPER long hair since our wedding, I decided to chop off about 8 inches into a long bob! I usually wear it wavy, but it looks cute straight too.

And since I was already at the mall, I mayyyy have stopped in to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I got a cute jacket and sweater ... I still need to go back to check out the boots too ...

I LOVE eBar at Nordies! For some reason I think their coffee drinks are the best - but I LOVE the Ice Storms the best (their version of a Frappuccino) ... unfortunately they list the calorie count on the menu ... eek! Don't look! They are worth it for an occasional treat. 

Saturday morning it was windy and overcast. So, naturally, I made pumpkin bread ...

Lila relaxed with a bowl of popcorn in her "fort."

Saturday night, Grandma Cici was nice enough to come over to play with the kids so we could visit with friends! We had delicious homemade margs made with fresh fruit ... mmm

Sunday we relaxed at home, I fired up a batch of crock pot lasagna for dinner and then we headed out before naptime for a quick "scavenger hunt" ... Lila had so much fun! I made a poorly drawn "key" of six items she had to find on our walk, and then she got to put a sticker as a check mark after she found it. Anything that involves stickers makes her excited!

All in all it was a nice weekend at home!

And, I'm especially looking forward to this week because my dear Tanya returns from NYC for two weeks!!!! With a new man!!! And yes, since I practically forced her to start online dating, it's ME she can thank for her new relationship status (Hi, Tanya!!!).

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