Monday, July 14, 2014

A Weekend, a Wedding & a Heat Wave

It's been 90 here in Seattle the past few days, and for us that is a serious heaaat wavveeee!!! The forecast is showing 91+ for the next five days, which always equals news stories about fan shortages at Home Depot and tips to keep yourself hydrated. Basically, we can't handle any weather outside of the standard 40-70 degree F range. However! Summer is finally here! And ever since we got central air last summer, it doesn't bother me!

Anyway, with the beautiful sunshine to enjoy, we had such a fun summer weekend! On Friday night, we had "happy hour" in the back yard and both kids went in the kiddie pool. Now that Owen can sit he really enjoys slashing around in the pool!

mama, I'm a lifeguard! I go save someone now!


On Saturday, we went to a beautiful wedding for my childhood friend Jamie and her new husband Justin (who coincidentally went to our high school too, and randomly they double dated to prom - each with a different date!)

Our childhood Pastor, Jim, who did our wedding ceremony as well, did such a special service. It was a beautiful ceremony, even though it was so hooooooot! Poor Grant looked so dapper but was dying of heat in his suit. He did look quite snazzy wearing his new monogrammed cuff links I got him for Christmas though! (Etsy purchase!)


keeping cool!

Vicki sent us cute updates of the kids too! They love their Aunt Vicki so much!

cashier Lila!

On Sunday morning we went to the zoo! We go to the zoo a lot (understatement) but we hadn't been in over month! It's a little harder now that Owen has such set nap times, but we ventured out anyway and he napped for a bit in the car on the way down. 

Since we go so often, seeing the animals isn't really the priority anymore. We generally just let Lila dictate where we go and what we see. This visit was all about tractor rides and "dipin' dots!" 

I just love these fun summer days with my sweet family! xo

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