Monday, June 16, 2014


A week before Lila's birthday, I asked her what kind of birthday cake she wanted. 

"A BLUE cake, Mama. A blue THREE cake. Because I'm three!" 

Made sense. 

I contemplated making a traditional round cake and doing a big three on top, but that wasn't very exciting. 

Then I found these cakes on Pinterest. 

So cute! I decided to go for it, but let's be honest ... I am not that talented. 

So, I settled on a simpler version without the M&Ms.  I made this Mississippi Mud bundt cake recipe. I made two bundt cakes. I cut one in half, and cut a small wedge out of the second one. 

Then I positioned them on a lined baking sheet and began frosting. I put a couple dabs of blue food coloring in the frosting for a pretty "Tiffany's Blue" color. Then I topped with rainbow sprinkles and "Happy Birthday" candles. The cake was so easy and so delicious too. Cream cheese marshmallow frosting?! Yes!

She was thrilled!

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