Thursday, June 19, 2014

Future Foodie

all foodies start with princess-themed cutlery, right?

Even though she's three, Lila is a pretty good eater. She eats almost everything - especially if it's someone else's food.

But if you were to ask, "Lila, what's your favorite food?"

"LUNCHABLES!" she'd reply.

Mmm! Nothing's more delicious than processed meat and cheese!

I love to cook, but it's hard to work full time, come home, feed a baby and then cook a lavish meal - all before bedtime starts two hours later.

Even though we should all eat dinner as a family, since Owen doesn't "eat" much food yet, and Lila is starving after preschool, sometimes Grant and I eat after she goes to bed.

So - this is where toddler meal planning comes in.

I've found some fun ideas on Weelicious. Most all of the recipes are healthy and look adult and foodie friendly too!

And of course, there's nothing better to make you feel like a failure give you good ideas than Pinterest.

This article - "How to Eat Dinner with a Toddler Without Losing Your Mind" - has some interesting insight. #5 and #6 are my current favorites, although I think #12 is the most important to keep in mind. And if all else fails, #9!

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