Monday, June 30, 2014

Daddy & Daughter

just changin' the oil with papa!

When we first learned we were having a baby girl, I was thrilled. Grant was too, but he definitely thought we'd have a boy first. He wanted a son to pass on his love of "fixing things," the outdoors, hiking, etc. (now that we have Owen, we are lucky enough to have one of each!).

The funny thing is ... Lila loves to "work" with her Papa! She has her own tool bench in the garage and loves to pretend to "work" on our cars. (This year in our haste to get out of the house on Easter Sunday, I didn't notice Lila "changing my tire" in her Easter dress, which by the time I found her was covered in black grease).

She was so cute this past weekend when she wanted to help Papa change the oil on my car. Though, I think she mostly liked wearing the safety glasses :)

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